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  1. Lynch

    Shout at the Devil (1983)

    ^^ weird, it's missing the first two tracks
  2. Lynch


    Check the quick riff at the 00:56 or 00:57 mark of that Bullfrog Bheer video and tell me that isn't 100% identical to the intro to Take Me, from Rock and Roll over. You hear it again at 2:17. Interesting note, the songwriting credits for Take Me is only Paul Stanley and Sean Delany...
  3. Lynch


    a time before $immon$ and $tanley became household name$ :)
  4. Lynch

    Hair Metal Whitesnake

    Chrome. It happened to me twice. Decided I'm not clicking the link again.
  5. Lynch

    What are you listening to, heavy metal version ?

    Dream Theater - Once in a LIVETime Love Petrucci's solo on this album
  6. Lynch

    What happened today?

    I got almost 7 hours of sleep today. For most of you, that may be a "ho-hum", "so what" type of thing. For me, that's amazing. I typically don't get more then 2-3 hours at a time and MAYBE 5 total in a typical day. Today, I got 7 straight. Feel ready to take on the world right now
  7. Lynch


    Speaking of Second Sighting... I was listening to it this past weekend. I think my favorite song on the album is the last track, The Acorn is Spinning A humorous little story in this song. Have to listen to the speaking parts.
  8. Lynch

    If You Could Only Listen To One CD .........

    I haven't ever listened to Pandora, but it sounds similar in a lot of ways to something that Yahoo had years ago, called Launch (or Launchcast). It was basically an attachment to their chat application, or could be viewed via a web browser (we're talking early to mid 2000's, there wasn't any...
  9. Lynch

    Hair Metal W.A.S.P.

  10. Lynch

    Hair Metal W.A.S.P.

    I just picked up the Golgotha album and I have to say that on the very first listen, I loved it. There are at least 2 or 3 other songs that have a similar feel, song structure, etc that the title track does. Definitely a rock solid effort, all the way through. I stand by one of my previous...
  11. Lynch

    Crank It Hurricane

    Not a bad band. I think that the only album of theirs that I ever bought was Over the Edge, which of course had I'm On to You on it.
  12. Lynch

    Poll Who Has Played With The Better Guitarists???

    Also a fine example of a guy that has worked with a string of amazing guitarists: Ronnie James Dio's list of well known / famous guitarists: Ritchie Blackmore Tony Iommi Vivian Campbell Craig Goldy Rowan Robertson Tracy G Doug Aldrich Not to mention working with a string of other guitarists...
  13. Lynch

    Poll Who Has Played With The Better Guitarists???

    Graham Bonnet also has/had an impressive list of guitarists that he's worked with over the years (not an all-inclusive list, just the ones I remember): Ritchie Blackmore Michael Schenker Yngwie Malmsteen Steve Vai Chris Impelliteri Bob Kulick Micky Moody Russ Ballard
  14. Lynch

    Van Halen

    And for the record, VH III was poop. I liked Cherone with Extreme. His vocals fit so well with Nuno's backing vocals and amazing guitar work. However, it was not a good fit in VH. And I'm not a fan of A Different Kind of Truth either. It was an ok-at-best album. Not horrible, but I have...
  15. Lynch

    Van Halen

    Right Now is a fantastic track! As you mentioned, it has a good message in it as well. I used to slam on Van Hagar, especially when 5150 came out. I was not a fan at the time. But, by the time that OU812 came out, I had a change of heart. I honestly love all 4 of the Van Hagar studio...
  16. Lynch

    The Eagles

    ^ My favorite Felder track, whether with the Eagles or solo effort. Such a great tune
  17. Lynch

    Poll Who Owns Detroit

    KISS will always get my vote in a Detroit themed poll. My honorable mention would be: Alvin Lee - Detroit Diesel
  18. Lynch


    Second Sighting wasn't a bad album, but it certainly didn't measure up to the first Frehley's Comet album. I don't spin it very often, but still do occassionally. The third album, Trouble Walking was fantastic and along with the debut album are easily my two favorites by Ace in the...
  19. Lynch

    Alice in Chains

    AIC is by FAR my favorite band from that era/genre. No other grunge band ever really caught my eye. STP's first couple of albums were good, but otherwise, most of the rest of it makes me either cringe or just go "meh". Staley's vocals are among my all-time favorite in all of rock. There are...