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blues rock

  1. gregjohnson1229

    The Black Keys

    Official Website Members: Dan Auerbach – guitar, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards Patrick Carney – drums, percussion Albums: The Big Come Up (2002) Thickfreakness (2003) Rubber Factory (2004) Magic Potion (2006) Attack & Release (2008) Brothers (2010) El Camino (2011) Turn Blue (2014) The...
  2. brenluvbirds

    Traditional Metal Blue Cheer

    Official Website: Blue Cheer (No official website seems to exist) Members: Dickie Peterson Paul Whaley Leigh Stephens Albums: Vincebus Eruptum (1968) Outsideinside (1968) New! Improved! (1969) Blue Cheer (1969) The Original Human Being (1970) Oh! Pleasant Hope (1971) The Beast Is Back (1984)...
  3. Speed King

    Ten Years After

    Official Website: Ten Years After Members: Alvin Lee Leo Lyons Chick Churchill Ric Lee Albums: Ten Years After (1967) Stonedhenge (1969) Ssssh (1969) Cricklewood Green (1970) Watt (1970) A Space In Time (1971) Rock & Roll Music To The World (1972) Positive Vibrations (1974) About Time (1989)...
  4. Magic

    Endless Boogie

    Endless Boogie is from New York. It started out as a fun project by several Matador Record employees and later they began touring with a couple Swedish and Finnish bands and making albums. Their style is hard stoner, blues rock. They remind me of a salad mix of ZZ Top, Canned Heat, and...
  5. Magic

    David Gilmour

    Official Website: David Gilmour Solo Albums: David Gilmour (1978) About Face (1984) On an Island (2006) Metallic Spheres (2010) Rattle That Lock (2015) Where to begin...with such an influential musician. A guitarist, singer, writer and producer for Pink Floyd, David Gilmour brought to...
  6. Oldhippie


    Wolfmother Rock Band Wolfmother are an Australian hard rock band from Sydney, New South Wales. Formed in 2000 by vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale, bassist and keyboardist Chris Ross and drummer Myles Haslett. Discography Wolfmother (2005) Cosmic Egg (2009) New Crown (2014) Victorious...
  7. Oldhippie

    Greta Van Fleet

    Gretta Van Fleet A bunch of 20something guys from the little town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Guitar driven rock is alive and well.