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doom metal

  1. A.C. Anton

    Doom Metal Harakiri for the Sky

    Facebook Members: Matthias "MS" Sollak – guitars, bass, drums (2011–present) Michael "JJ" V. Wahntraum – vocals (2011–present) Touring Members: Thomas Dornig – bass (2012–present) Marrok – guitar, backing vocals (2012–present) Mischa Bruemmer – drums (2013–present) Albums: 2012 Harakiri...
  2. Magic

    Doom Metal Orange Goblin

    Official Website Members: Ben Ward – vocals (1995–present) Joe Hoare – guitar (1995–present) Martyn Millard – bass guitar (1995–present) Chris Turner – drums (1995–present) Albums: (With Links to Album Info & Videos) Frequencies from Planet Ten (1997) Time Travelling Blues (1998) The Big...
  3. Mr. Gregory

    Progressive Anathema

    Official Website Current members: Vincent Cavanagh (vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar) Daniel Cavanagh (lead guitar) Jamie Cavanagh (bass) John Douglas (drums) Lee Douglas (vocals) Daniel Cardoso (keyboards) Albums: Serenades (1993) The Silent Enigma (1995) Eternity (1996) Alternative 4...
  4. Hammy

    Doom Metal The Skull

    The Skull on Facebook This band is classified as Doom Metal, but IMO they are nothing more than really hard, hard rock that just happens to sound a lot like Doom....;) So don't pass up the thread thinking "eww, doom metal isn't my thing" The Skull is a band formed in 2012 from the fall out...
  5. SiphonOfDestruction

    Doom Metal Electric Wizard

    Current Lineup Jus Oborn – lead vocals, guitars Liz Buckingham – guitars Clayton Burgess – bass Simon Poole – drums, percussion Album Discography Electric Wizard (1995) Come My Fanatics... (1997) Dopethrone (2000) Let Us Prey (2002) We Live (2004) Witchcult Today (2007) Black Masses (2010)...