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heavy metal

  1. Magic

    Heavy Metal Metal Church

    Official Website Current Members: Kurdt Vanderhoof Mike Howe Steve Unger Rick Van Zandt Stet Howland Albums: (With links to album info & videos) Metal Church (1984) The Dark (1986) Blessing in Disguise (1989) The Human Factor (1991) Hanging in the Balance (1993) Masterpeace (1999) The...
  2. Magic

    Progressive Symphony X

    Official Website Current Band Members: Michael Romeo Michael Pinnella Jason Rullo Russell Allen Michael Lepond Albums: (with links to album info and videos) Symphony X (1994) The Damnation Game (1995) The Divine Wings of Tragedy (1997) Twilight in Olympus (1998) V: The New Mythology Suite...
  3. Magic

    Heavy Metal Haunt

    Facebook BandCamp Band Members: Trevor William Church Haunt is from California, a one man band. A very new old school metal band. Definitely worth giving the EP a listen and keeping an eye on where this band goes in the future. The EP of 2017--Luminous Eyes Full EP
  4. Magic

    Progressive Seasons of the Wolf

    Official Website Albums: Seasons of the Wolf (1996) Lost in Hell (1999) Nocturnal Revelation (2001) Once in a Blue Moon (2007) Last Act of Defiance (2018) Seasons of the Wolf are a progressive metal / heavy metal / hard rock band from Florida. They formed back in the late 1980's and are...
  5. Magic

    Heavy Metal Kingdom Come

    L to R: James Kottak, Rick Steier, Lenny Wolf, Johnny B. Frank, Danny Stag Official Website Albums: 1988 - Kingdom Come 1989 - In Your Face 1991 - Hands of Time 1993 - Bad Image 1995 - Twilight Cruiser 1997 - Master Seven 2000 - Too 2002 - Independent 2004 - Perpetual 2006 - Ain't Crying...
  6. Magic

    Hair Metal Poison

    Official Website: Poison Current Members: Bret Michaels Rikki Rockett Bobby Dall C.C. DeVille Albums: Look What the Cat Dragged In (1986) Open Up and Say... Ahh! (1988) Flesh & Blood (1990) Native Tongue (1993) Crack a Smile... and More! (2000) Hollyweird (2002) Poison'd! (2007) (from...
  7. Magic

    Hair Metal Whitesnake

    Official Website: Whitesnake Members: David Coverdale Tommy Aldridge Reb Beach Michael Devin Joel Hoekstra Michele Luppi Albums: Trouble (1978) Lovehunter (1979) Ready an' Willing (1980) Come an' Get It (1981) Saints & Sinners (1982) Slide It In (1984) Whitesnake (1987) Slip of the...
  8. Magic

    Hair Metal W.A.S.P.

    Official Website: W.A.S.P. Current Members: Blackie Lawless Doug Blair Mike Duda Aquiles Priester Albums: 1984 - W.A.S.P. 1985 - The Last Command 1986 - Inside the Electric Circus 1989 - The Headless Children 1992 - The Crimson Idol 1995 - Still Not Black Enough 1997 - Kill Fuck Die...
  9. SiphonOfDestruction

    Heavy Metal Diamond Head

    Current Lineup Brian Tatler Karl Wilcox Andy Abberley Ramsus Bom Andersen Dean Ashton Album Discography (With Links to album Info) Lightning to the Nations (1980) Borrowed Time (1982) Canterbury (1983) Death and Progress (1993) All Will Be Revealed (2005) What's in Your Head? (2007) Diamond...
  10. Magic

    Heavy Metal Stonelake

    Facebook Page Members: Peter Grundstrom - Vocals Jan Akesson - Guitars, Keyboards, backing vocals Lasse Johansson - Bass Jens Westberg - Drums Albums: Reincarnation (2006) World Entry (2007) Uncharted Souls (2008) Shades Of Eternity (2009) Marching On Timeless Tales (2011) Monolith (2013)...
  11. Magic

    Classic Metal Rainbow

    Current Members: Ritchie Blackmore Ronnie Romero Bob Nouveau David Keith Jens Johansson Albums: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975) Rising (1976) Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (1978) Down to Earth (1979) Difficult to Cure (1981) Straight Between the Eyes (1982) Bent Out of Shape (1983)...
  12. Speed King

    Traditional Metal Budgie

    Official Website Members: Burke Shelley Tony Bourge Ray Phillips Albums: (with links to album information) Budgie (1971) Squawk (1972) Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (1973) In For the Kill (1974) Bandolier (1975) If I were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules (1976) Impeckable (1978) Power...