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progressive metal

  1. Magic

    Progressive Symphony X

    Official Website Current Band Members: Michael Romeo Michael Pinnella Jason Rullo Russell Allen Michael Lepond Albums: (with links to album info and videos) Symphony X (1994) The Damnation Game (1995) The Divine Wings of Tragedy (1997) Twilight in Olympus (1998) V: The New Mythology Suite...
  2. Mr. Gregory

    Progressive Anathema

    Official Website Current members: Vincent Cavanagh (vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar) Daniel Cavanagh (lead guitar) Jamie Cavanagh (bass) John Douglas (drums) Lee Douglas (vocals) Daniel Cardoso (keyboards) Albums: Serenades (1993) The Silent Enigma (1995) Eternity (1996) Alternative 4...
  3. Suh Dude

    Progressive Myrath

    Myrath Official Website Myrath are yet again another band that I feel deserve an enormous amount of respect and consideration. Especially considering their history of having impressively improving albums each time they have a release. Even though it was in 2016, their most recent release...
  4. Magic

    Progressive Seasons of the Wolf

    Official Website Albums: Seasons of the Wolf (1996) Lost in Hell (1999) Nocturnal Revelation (2001) Once in a Blue Moon (2007) Last Act of Defiance (2018) Seasons of the Wolf are a progressive metal / heavy metal / hard rock band from Florida. They formed back in the late 1980's and are...
  5. Magic

    Progressive Seventh Wonder

    Official Website Current Members: Andreas Blomqvist - bass (2000–present) Johan Liefvendahl - guitar (2000–present) Andreas "Kyrt" Söderin - keyboard (2000–present) Tommy Karevik - vocals (2005–present) Stefan Norgren - drums (2011–present) Albums: Become (2005) Waiting in the Wings (2006)...