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Progressive Dream Theater


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Mar 27, 2018

Official Website: http://dreamtheater.net/

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In Dream Theater's early days, they called the band "Majesty", and made a demo, "The Majesty Demos" (click for info) when most of the band members were just 19 years old. This demo got the attention of Jim Matheos of Fates Warning, which is what got the band noticed in the progressive metal scene. Due to some legal issues with the band name "Majesty", they came up with the name Dream Theater. Even though they had legal issues with the original band name, they still use the Majesty Symbol as part of their logo.

Dream Theater is very well known for it's technical musicianship. Their sound was unique for their time period. It is a melding of Progressive rock, Metal riffage, distortion, and mixed into fantastic harmonies.

My first exposure to this band was the album Black Clouds and Silver Linings. Since then, I have collected almost the entire discography.

Rite OF Passage (Live)

Mr. Gregory

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Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
Very good band. I really enjoyed their self-titled album. I got into them not too long after my black metal phase ended.

I swear, the synthesizer section right before the solo in this song drove me nuts when I first started listening to them, and then the solo won me over again. Ha ha.

I love the groovy solo here. So awesome!

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