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Heavy Metal Album Releases 2018


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Mar 27, 2018
April 6, 2018
Abjection Ritual – Soul Of Ruin, Body Of Filth (Malignant)
Above Aurora – Path To Ruin EP (Pagan)
Against Evil – All Hail The King (Self)
Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails (Woodcut)
Alphastate – The Grind (Sliptrick)
The Amorettes – Born To Break (SPV/Steamhammer)
Black Rainbows – Pandaemonium (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Black Salvation – Uncertainty Is Bliss (Relapse)
Blackwater Holylight – Blackwater Holylight (RidingEasy)
Bleed From Within – Era (Century Media)
Bloodletter – Under The Dark Mark (Self)
Buried Above Ground – The Crown (Seek and Strike)
Cadaver Putrefacto – La Maldicion del Zombi Errante (Brutal)
Caliban – Elements (Century Media)
Coldbones – Where It All Began (Crooked Noise)
Crisix – Against The Odds (Listenable)
The Dead Daisies – Burn It Down (Spitfire)
Encircling Sea – Hearken (EVP)
Epos Nemo Latrocinium – Iter Itineris III (Scry)
Eyes On Satellites – The Illuminator EP (Self)
The Fallen Prodigy – Relive/Regret/Repeat (Self)
Fall Of Carthage – Emma Green (MDD)
Glorior Belli – The Apostates (Season Of Mist)
The Golden Grass – Absolutely (Listenable)
Grift – Vilsna Andars Boning (Nordvis)
The Grotesquery – The Lupine Anathema (Xtreem)
Halo Tora – Man Of Stone: First Chapter (Self)
The Human Race Is Filth – Liberate (Self)
Hypno5e – Alba: Les Ombres Errantes (Pelagic)
Inisans – Transition (Blood Harvest)
Jungle Rot – What Horrors Await Re-Release (Victory)
Kalmah – Palo (Spinefarm)
Kamelot – The Shadow Theory (Napalm)
Kolossor – Crown Of Horns (Sludgelord)
Kosmik Boogie Tribe – We’re Not Here To Fuck Spiders (Rural Rebel Rock)
Lecherous Nocturne – Occultaclysmic (Willowtip)
Mark Deutrom – The Value Of Decay Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Messa – Feast For Water (Aural)
Mors Subita – Into The Pitch Black (Inverse)
The Negative Bias/Golden Dawn – Temple Of Cruel Empathy/Lunar Serpent Split (Seance)
Nebulae – Carbon (Self)
Nekrogoblikon – Welcome To Bonkers (Seek and Strike)
Northwind Wolves – Dark…Cold…Grim… (Black Lion)
Oracle – Into The Unknown (Rain Without End)
Pleasure Of Mutilate – Premotion (CDN)
Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Memories In Rock II DVD/CD (Minstrel Hall)
The Rocket Dolls – DeadHead (Self)
Ron Keel – Metal Cowboy Re-Release (EMP)
Salem’s Lott – Mask Of Morality (Red Moon)
Spiders – Killer Machine (Spinefarm)
Stagma – Stagma (Headshell)
St. Fenton The Tainted – Jaw Of The Tyrant Hills (Hibernacula)
Systemik Violence – Anarquia-Violencia (Raw ‘N’Roll Rex)
Taphos – Demo MMXVI/MMXVII EP (Blood Harvest)
Temples On Mars – Temples On Mars (Primordial)
Tomorrow’s Outlook – A Voice Unheard (Battlegod)
Traced By Enemies – Where The Sun Turns Gray EP (Dedication)
Underoath – Erase Me (Fearless)
Valhalla Lights – My Gracious Highway (Self)
Valis Ablaze – Boundless (Long Branch)
Volition – Visions Of The Onslaught (Brutal)
Whyzdom – As Time Turns To Dust (Scarlet)
Winterfylleth – The Hallowing Of Heirdom (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
April 13, 2018
Ad Hominem – Napalm For All (Osmose)
Aepoch – Awakening Inception (Self)
Aesthesys – Achromata (Self)
Angerot – The Splendid Iniquity (Black Market Metal)
Autokrator – Hammer Of The Heretics (Krucyator)
Axegressor – Bannerless (Brutal)
Behemoth – Messe Noire DVD/CD (Metal Blade)
Black Mass Pervertor – Life Beyond The Walls Of Flesh EP (Blood Harvest)
Blood Moon Hysteria – My Sacrifice EP (Wormholedeath)
Blood Of The Wolf – II: Campaign Of Extermination (Self)
Bonfire – Temple Of Lies (AFM)
Borgne – [∞] (Avantgarde)
Born From Lie – The New World Order Part 1 (Self)
Breaking Benjamin – Ember (Hollywood)
Call It Home – Better Days (Self)
Chaos Echoes With Mats Gustafsson – Sustain (Utech)
Commander – Fatalis (The Unbroken Circle) (Black Sunset/MDD)
Corpsehammer – Perversion EP (Morbid Skull)
Crematory – Oblivion (SPV/Steamhammer)
Crone – Godspeed (Prophecy)
The Curse – From The Darkest Of Places EP (Self)
The Dali Thundering Concept – Savages (Apathia)
Dead City Ruins – Never Say Die (AFM)
Death Engine – Place Noire (Throatruiner)
Deiphago/Amputator – Split EP (Greyhaze)
Evil Hunter – Evil Hunter (Fighter)
Ewig.Endlich – Auf Grund (Wooaaargh)
Expulser – The Unholy One Re-Release (Greyhaze)
Frequency Drift – Letters To Maro (Gentle Art Of Music)
Gozu – Equilibrium (Blacklight)
Graveshadow – Ambition’s Price (M-Theory)
Human Compost – Exhumations Of Death And Horror (HPGD)
Jen Ledger – Ledger EP (Atlantic/Hear It Loud)
Kaosphere – Kaosphere EP (Self)
Karma Violens – Serpent God (Growl)
Kenos – Pest (My Kingdom)
Killer Dwarfs – Live, No Guff (EMP)
Krolok – When The Moon Sang Our Songs (Inferna Profundus)
Leila Abdul-Rauf – Diminution (Malignant)
Maailmanloppu – Tuhon Koodi (Svart)
Metallica – The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited Re-Release (Blackened)
Mindwars – Do Unto Others (Dissonance)
Møl – Jord (Holy Roar)
Our Place Of Worship Is Silence – With Inexorable Suffering (Translation Loss)
Psychoid – Thrash Impact (Music)
Rivette – In Harmony EP (Ektro)
Sacro Ordine – Heavy Metal Thunderpicking (Sliptrick)
Sawyer Path – Toxic Temptation (Self)
Scientist – Barbelith (Self)
Scorched – Excavated For Evisceration (20 Buck Spin)
Septic Tank – Rotting Civilisation (Rise Above)
Seven Sisters – The Cauldron Of The Cross (Dissonance)
Skan – Death Crown (Van)
Skeletal Remains – Devouring Mortality (Dark Descent)
Spider Kitten – Concise & Sinister (Self)
Stellar Corpses – Hellbound Heart (Demons Run Amok)
Stone Broken – Ain’t Always Easy (Spinefarm)
Tara Lynch – Evil Enough (Self)
Tarasque – Innen Aussen (Wooaaargh)
Tengil – shouldhavebeens (Prophecy)
Unprocessed – Covenant (Long Branch)
Unravel – Eras Of Forfeit (Testimony)
Vendetta Red – Quinceanera (Cleopatra)
Wallachia – Monumental Heresy (Debemur Morti)
Walls Of Babylon – A Portrait Of Memories (Revalve)
Watch Them Fade – Emptiness (Bastardized)
Whoresnation – Mephitism (Throatruiner)
Wrekmeister Harmonies – The Alone Rush (Thrill Jockey)
Wrong – Feel Great (Relapse)
Wykan – Solace EP (Self)
Yashira – Shrine (Good Fight)
Zatokrev – Zatokrev Re-Release (Czar Of Bullets)


Staff member
Mar 27, 2018
April 20, 2018
Abolishment Of Flesh – The Inhuman Condition (Unholy Anarchy)
Abramis Brama – Tusen Ar (Black Lodge)
Adzalaan – Into Vermillion Mirrors (Invictus)
Ails – The Unraveling (The Flenser)
Assumption – Absonditus (Everlasting Spew/Sentient Ruin)
Altar Of Perversion – Intra Naos (Ajna Offensive)
Awooga – Conduit (Rockosmos)
Baby Bones – The Curse Of The Crystal Teeth (Gubbey)
Ben Chisholm & Felix Skinner – Burgeoning Verse (Weyrd Son)
Bison – Earthbound Re-Release (No List)
Black Stone Cherry – Family Tree (Mascot)
Blaspherion – Restus Corpus EP (Self)
Bullet – Dust To Gold (SPV/Steamhammer)
Celtachor – Fiannaiocht (Trollzorn)
Choral Hearse – Mire Exhumed (Self)
Dagger Lust – Siege Bondage Adverse To The Godhead (Invictus)
Dark Buddha Rising – II EP (Neurot)
Dokken – Return To The East Live 2016 DVD/CD (Frontiers)
Domedag – Nu Nalkas Domedagen (Archaic Sound)
From Ashes To New – The Future (Better Noise)
From Beyond – The Band From Beyond (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
Ghastly – Death Velour (20 Buck Spin)
Grave Upheaval – Untitled (Nuclear War Now!)
Gus G – Fearless (AFM)
Haraball – Hypno (Fysisk Format)
Heilung – Lifa (Season Of Mist)
Heilung – Ofnir Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Hypnos – The GBC Sessions (The Sign)
Infinitee – The Possibilities Are Endless (Self)
Issa – Run With The Pack (Frontiers)
Ivar Bjornson and Einar Selvik – Hugsja (By Norse)
James Christian – Craving (Frontiers)
King Goat – Debt Of Aeons (Aural)
Kly – Szczerzenie (Pagan)
Ljain – Endasálmar Og Klofnar Tungur (Signal Rex)
Mask Of Prospero – The Observatory (Symmetric)
Master Boot Record – Direct Memory Access (Blood)
The Melvins – Pinkus Abortion Technician (Ipecac)
Messer – Messer (Maddpants)
Methedrine – Built For Speed (Kornalcielo)
Mordor – Darkness… (Pagan)
My Indigo – My Indigo (BMG)
Nergard – Memorial For A Wish 2018 Edition (Battlegod)
Nigredo – Flesh Torn Spirit Pierced (Transcending Obscurity)
Pennywise – Never Gonna Die (Epitaph)
A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant (BMG)
Perfect Plan – All Rise (Frontiers)
Poly-Math – House Of Wisdom/We Are The Devil (Lonely Voyage)
Robespierre – Garden Of Hell (Shadow Kingdom)
Ross The Boss – By Blood Sworn (AFM)
Ruin – Plague Transmissions: Vol. 1 (Blood Harvest)
Scarificare – Tilasm (Helldprod)
Serum Dreg – Lustful Vengeance (Invictus)
Sense Of Fear – As The Ages Passing By… (Rockshots)
Shields – Life In Exile (Long Branch)
Soom – Djebars (Robustfellow)
Speedclaw – Beast In The Mist EP (Shadow Kingdom)
Stryper – God Damn Evil (Frontiers)
Summon – Parazv Il Zilittv (Iron Bonehead)
Svederna – Svedjeland (Carnal)
Temperance – Of Jupiter And Moons (Scarlet)
TesseracT – Sonder (Kscope)
Tons – Filthy Flowers Of Doom (HPS)
Varmia – W Ciele Nie (Pagan)
Volster – Perfect Storm Rock Of Angels)
Vomitor – Pestilent Death (Hells Headbangers)
Wendess – MMXXIII Re-Release (Archaic Sound)
Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed III (Century Media)
Wild Hunt – Afterdream Of The Reveller (Vendetta)
Record Store Day
April 21, 2018 (releases are LPs unless otherwise noted)

AC/DC – Back In Black Cassette (RCA)
Celtic Frost – Tragic Serenades Picture Disc (BMG/Noise)
Def Leppard – Live At Abbey Road (Island)
Disturbed – The Lost Children (Warner Brothers)
Europe – Walk The Earth Picture Disc (Hell And Back)
Evanescence – Lost Whispers (Craft)
Inferi – Revenant (The Artisan Era)
Kreator – Behind The Mirror Picture Disc (BMG/Noise)
Linkin Park – One More Light Live (Warner Brothers)
Living Colour – Live At CBGB’s 12.19.89 (Legacy)
Mastodon – Emperor Of Sand Picture Disc (Warner Brothers)
Morbid Angel – Kingdoms Disdained Picture Disc (Silver Lining)
Motorhead – “Heroes” Picture Disc (Silver Lining)
The Noble – Abolitionism EP (Self)
Pompeii – The Secret Sessions (Rogue)
Rage Against The Machine – Live At The Democratic National Convention 2000 (Legacy)
Saxon – “Princess Of The Night” 7″ (Union Square)
Soundgarden – A-Sides (IGA)
Voivod – Too Scared To Scream Picture Disc (BMG/Noise)
Whitesnake – 1987 30th Anniversary Edition Picture Disc (Parlophone/Rhino)
April 27, 2018
Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland DVD (Megaforce)
The Armed – Only Love (No Rest Until Ruin)
Aura Noir – Aura Noire (Indie)
Blood Tsunami – Grave Condition (Soulseller)
Bloody Falls – Thanatos (Inverse)
Boss Keloid – Melted On The Inch (Holy Roar)
Cardiac Arrest – A Parallel Dimension Of Despair (Memento Mori)
Chevalier – A Call To Arms (Gates Of Hell)
Count Raven – Destruction Of The Void Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Count Raven – Storm Warning Re-Release (Metal Blade)
Cruachan – Nine Years Of Blood (Trollzorn)
Daemonheim – Widerwelt (Naturmacht)
The Dahmers – Creepiest Creep (Lovely)
Deiquisitor – Downfall Of The Apostates (Dark Descent)
Demonical – Chaos Manifesto (Agonia)
Drakkar – Cold Winter’s Night EP (My Kingdom)
Dylan Carlson – Conquistador (Sargent House)
The Elephant Parallax – Loam & Sky (Self)
Fallen Angel – Even Priest Knows (Sliptrick)
Gatekeeper – East Of Sun (Cruz Del Sur)
Goat Worship – Shore Of The Dead (Xtreem)
God Is An Astronaut – Epitaph (Napalm)
Godsmack – When Legends Rise (BMG)
Gra – Vasen (Carnal)
Graveyard – Back To The Mausoleum EP (War Anthem)
Green Desert Water – Solar Plexus (Small Stone)
Homewrecker – Hell Is Here Now (Good Fight)
Hukutus – Oksitosiini (My Fate)
Ingested – The Level Above Human (Unique Leader)
Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail II (Napalm)
La Bottega del Tempo a Vapore – Viaggi Inversi (Revalve)
Llnn – Deads (Pelagic)
Luska – Broken Colossus (Musical Tragedies)
Martyria – Martyria (Hammerheart)
Midas Fall – Evaporate (Monotreme)
Monsternaut – Enter The Storm (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Mork Gryning – Live At Kraken (Black Lodge)
Northern – Desolate Ways To Ultima Thule (Moribund)
Pact – Enigmata (Moribund)
Pharoah Overlord – Zero (Ektro/Hydra Head)
Piss River – Piss River (The Sign)
Pulver – Pulver EP (Gates Of Hell)
Riot V – Armor Of Light (Nuclear Blast)
Sanhedrin – A Funeral For The World (Cruz Del Sur)
Scream – NMC17 (No More Censorship) Re-Release (Southern Lord)
Sectioned – Annihilated (Self)
Shrine Of The Serpent – Entropic Disillusion (Memento Mori)
Sink The Ship – Persevere (Sharptone)
Skindred – Big Tings (Napalm)
Society’s Plague – Call To The Void (Eclipse)
Stormzone – Lucifer’s Factory (Metal Nation)
Terrestrial Hospice – Universal Hate Speech (Shadow/Regain)
Totalselfhatred – Solitude (Osmose)
Toundra – Vortex (InsideOut)
Vahrzaw – Husk (Blood Harvest)
Varathron – Patriarchs Of Evil (Agonia)
Violation Wound – With Man In Charge (Peaceville)
Voices – Frightened (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
Weathered Statues – Borderlands (Svart)
Wicked Witch – Wicked Witch Of Boston (20th Century)
Widow’s Peak – Graceless EP (Self)
Wolf King – Loyal To The Soil (Prosthetic)
Wormlight – Wrath Of The Wilds (Black Lion)


Staff member
Mar 27, 2018
May 4, 2018
Advent Of Bedlam – Human Portal Phenomenon (HPGD)
Adversvm – Aion Sitra Ahra (Iron Bonehead)
Bong – Thought And Existence (Ritual)
Collapse Of Light – Each Failing Step (Rain Without End)
Deathflux – Execrated (Self)
Death. Void. Terror. – To The Great Monolith I (Iron Bonehead)
Depravity – Evil Upheaval (Transcending Obscurity)
Dimmu Borgir – Eonian (Nuclear Blast)
Dreamfire – Atlantean Symphony Re-Release (Minotauro)
Dystersol – The Fifth Age Of Man (Wormholedeath)
The Ever Living – Herephemine (Chromism)
Galactic Empire – Episode II (Rise)
Grave Lines – Fed Into The Nihilist Engine (New Heavy Sounds)
Greybeards – For The Wilder Minds (Attitude)
Ihsahn – ‘Amr (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
The Kut – Valley Of Thorns (Cargo)
Lik – Carnage (Metal Blade)
Ljain – Endasálmar Og Klofnar Tungur (Signal Rex)
Monsterworks – Scale and Probability (Eat Lead And Die)
Ommadon – End Times (Dry Cough)
Parkway Drive – Reverence (Epitaph)
Professor Black – You Bastard! EP (Ektro)
Raven Throne – I Miortvym Snicca Zolak (Non Serviam)
Shinedown – Attention Attention (Atlantic)
Skinned – Shadow Syndicate (Xenocorp)
Stone Deaf – Royal Burnout (Black Bow)
Subduer – Death Monolith EP (Dunkelheit)
Thy Catafalque – Geometria (Season Of Mist)
Trevor’s Head – soma Holiday(APF)
Various Artists – We All Want Our Time In Hell Samhain Tribute (Corpse Flower)
Voidthrone – Kur (Self)
Wolvhammer – The Monuments Of Ash & Bone (Blood)
The Word Alive – Violent Noie (Fearless)
May 11, 2018
Aborted Fetus – The Ancient Spirits Of Decay (Comatose)
Abraham – Look, Here Comes The Dark! (Pelagic)
Abythic – Beneath Ancient Portals (Blood Harvest)
Asphagor – The Cleansing (Black Sunset/MDD)
The Body – I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer (Thrill Jockey)
Body Void – I Live Inside A Burning House (Crown And Throne)
Child Bite – Burnt Offerings (Housecore)
Chrch – Light Will Consume Us All (Neurot)
Crypt Trip – Rootstock (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Defiatory – Hades Rising (Black Lion)
De Profundis – The Blinding Light Of Faith (Transcending Obscurity)
Doomsday Outlaw – Hard Times (Frontiers)
Ecstatic Vision – Under The Influence (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Ekpyrosis – Primordial Chaos Restored (Terror From Hell)
Flesh Hoarder – Homicidal Necrophile (Comatose)
Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher (Nuclear Blast)
Hegemone – We Disappear (Debemur Morti)
Jizzy Pearl – All You Need Is Soul (Frontiers)
Lautreamont – Silence Of The Deceased (Self)
Lords Of Black – Icons Of The New Days (Frontiers)
Meka Nism – The War Inside EP (Self)
Old Man Wizard – Blame It All On Sorcery (Self)
Organectomy – Domain Of The Wretched Re-Release (Unique Leader)
Praying Mantis – Gravity (Frontiers)
Raven Black – 13 (Self)
Sevendust – All I See Is War (Rise)
Skinless – Savagery (Relapse)
Vega – Only Human (Frontiers)
Within The Giant’s Reach – In The Beginning EP (Self)
Wolves In The Throne Room – Live At Roadburn 2008 Re-Release (Roadburn


Staff member
Mar 27, 2018
May 18, 2018
20 Watt Tombstone – Death Blues vs. The Dirty Spliff EP (Self)
Airborn – Lizard Secrets (Fighter)
Alkaloid – Liquid Anatomy (Season Of Mist)
Amorphis – Queen Of Time (Nuclear Blast)
Ancient Oak Consort – Hate War Love (Revalve)
Apocrophex – Aeternalis (Self)
At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself (Century Media)
Avenger – Blood Sports Re-Release (Dissonance)
Avenger – Killer Elite Re-Release (Dissonance)
Bad Wolves – Disobey (Eleven Seven)
Big Kizz – Music Is Magic (Tee Pee)
Burn The Priest – Legion: XX (Epic)
Fister – No Spirit Within (Listenable)
Five Finger Death Punch – And Justice For None (Prospect Park)
Flame Acausal – Contra Mundum In Aeternum EP (Blood Harvest)
Gazpacho – Soyuz (Kscope)
Gnod – Be Aware Of Your Limitations (Live At Roadburn 2017) (Roadburn)
Grayceon – IV (Translation Loss)
Kevlar – Aftermath EP (Self)
Kenos – Pest (My Kingdom)
Knelt Rote – Alterity (Nuclear War Now!)
Lillye – Evolve (Eclipse)
Merrimack – Ashes Of Purification Re-Release (Season Of Mist)
Michael Schinkel’s Eternal Flame – Smoke On The Mountain (Rock Of Angels)
Mos Generator – Shadowlands (Listenable)
Necros Christos – Domedon Doxomedon (Sepulchral Voice)
Nequient – Wolves At The Door (Nefarious)
Nihil Eyes – Black Path (Ultraje)
Obliterate – Impending Death (Unique Leader)
Oksennus – Kolme Toista (Nuclear War Now!)
Overkill – Live At Overhausen DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
Pseudogod – Sepulchral Chants (Nuclear War Now!)
Rotten Sound – Suffer To Abuse EP (Season Of Mist)
Spiral Skies – Blues For A Dying Planet (AOP)
Vitamin X – Age Of Paranoia (Southern Lord)
May 25, 2018
Abhor – Occulta Religio (Iron Bonehead)
Acherontas – Faustian Ethos (Agonia)
Baptists – Beacon Of Faith (Southern Lord)
Bullets And Octane – Waking Up Dead (Bad MoFo)
Djevelkult – Nar Avgrunnen Apnes (Saturnal)
Don Airey – One Of A Kind (earMusic)
Fargo – Constellation (SPV/Steamhammer)
Gone By Sundown – The Endless Path EP (Sliptrick)
Graveyard – Peace (Nuclear Blast)
Jonathan Davis – Black Labyrinth (Sumerian)
Light This City – Terminal Bloom (Creator-Destructor)
Melan Selas – Reon (Iron Bonehead)
Micawber – Beyond The Reach Of The Flame (Prosthetic)
Midnattsol – The Aftermath (Napalm)
Monument – Hellhound (Rock Of Angels)
Primitai – The Calling (Dissonance)
Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties (Transcending Obscurity)
Skogen – Skuggorna Kallar (Nordvis)
Slaughterday – Abattoir (FDA)
Space Elevator – Space Elevator II (SPV/Steamhammer)
Split Cranium – I’m The Devil And I’m OK (Ipecac)
Spock’s Beard – Noise Floor (InsideOut)
Subsignal – La Muerta (Gentle Art Of Music)
Svalbard – It’s Hard To Have Hope (Translation Loss)
Thunderwar – Wolfpack (Lifeforce)
Tomorrow’s Eve – Mirror Of Creation III: Project Ikaros (Baze)
Unflesh – Savior (Self)
Wayfarer – World’s Blood (Profound Lore)
When Reasons Collapse – Omen Of The Banshee (Self)
Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain (Svart)
Witchsorrow – Hexenhammer (Candlelight/Spinefarm)
Wooden Shjips – V (Thrill Jockey)

Mr. Gregory

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Mar 28, 2018
New Jersey
JFC, I don't know the vast majority of those artists/bands. I mean, not just know know them, but haven't even heard of most.
I've listened to/heard of maybe 25-30 of them total, but I only like a handful of them. Still, at least one band I like is releasing something during pretty much every one of those posted time periods.

...which reminds me, I need to go check out some singles from that Kamelot album.

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